Here is a collection of various art and designs of mine I enjoy but that I can't give their own page due to lack of documentation of process or simply because I just don't think they need it :) 

Here's some miscellaneous drawings to start! I used to work with more traditional media but almost everything here is done with a tablet. 
An untitled painting I did over the course of a few days I still have some WIP for. I worked on it in 3 equal sections working right to left.
Next is a fun little mini project I did where I took this image of a cat I really liked and made him look a little more demented each day, updating my profile picture on some of my social media to match that days new evil cat. The one on the top left is an edit made by an unknown source of said cat, which inspired me to do this. 
Lastly, some drawings and paintings that I liked especially from various points in my life that I felt deserved to have more space. 

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