Artistic creation requires both strong and good intention. Creating something without any kind of intention produces fundamentally soulless objects, creating something with bad intentions produces fundamentally harmful ones. A majority of any man made object you could point to in your home these days falls into both categories, as its purpose was a profit the creator will never see, and thus was created without truly having a connection to the reason for its creation. 

In this modern world we risk replacing our entire environment, buildings and art, what we wear, and our tools of creation and work with such objects. Subconsciously we risk internalizing our environment and feeling we too are without intention or purpose. 

As such all designers have a moral responsibility to consider far more than the utility of what they are creating, but its context. A chair should keep in mind its context as part of greater rituals; dinners, family discussions, or perhaps a place of work for another designer even :) . When one considers these factors in the creation of even the most seemingly insignificant object, we help give these rituals, and the world, back its magic and wonder. 
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