This is where I can talk to you about some various html/css/javascript projects I have worked on that I don't feel need a separate page!

For my senior project I chose to work on a website in an attempt to better hone these skills, but also wanted to include some kind of purpose or angle behind it. I also at the time had sort of a sub-interest in law, and I also still have an interest in alternatives to policing. So I focused the site on information and resources relating to police abolition. It was entirely built from the ground up, and included some custom illustrations. 

The counter live displayed police shooting statistics within the year at one point via referencing an external page on Washington Post that did the same, however it since must now be defunct. 

I originally had a whole book with custom illustrations and graphics I wanted to do with it, but didn't have time for both that and making the website so settled instead on a fold out front-and-back brochure that came with it. It can still be downloaded on the site. For whatever reason I spent hours reformatting the black and white one to a design I thought was slightly but hardly noticeably "simpler", and the color one ended up being received better. 
It was a very fun and challenging project. learnt a lot about web design, type, law, and a bunch of new statistics/research about crime and punishment. Which is exactly what I wanted to get out of doing it!

My next web project is ongoing, it's a new or side portfolio I'm trying to build on my own. I doubt it will beat Adobe's, but it just seemed like something interesting to do. For now here is a little video just showing its overall (currently barebones) look as well as a cool little word highlight feature and a script that pulls randomly from my portfolio images. 

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