Recently I have been exploring 3D Modelling using Blender, here are some screenshots and renders from playing with the software. Starting with the mandatory blender donuts. 
This was a weird kind of artsy one that I submitted to my universities gallery and got accepted, the origin of it is a bit funny as it was originally a fully modeled person I had made from the ground up. However at the time I didn't realize blender has difficulty shading polygons that have less or more than 4 edges, as well as some other very easy to fix shading glitches. The result was some of the more complicated areas like the face, hands, feet and where the legs and arms meet the body all had horrible bizarre shading issues so I just kind of removed them out of frustration and tried to make it look like some kind of finished piece. 
This was a chair I made using schematics off of a stores website upon revisiting much later, I rarely spend too much time with blender but I like to come back every so often to make sure I can still do it. 

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